What do you gain by choosing TNRN as a service partner?

When you contract with TNRN for radiology services, you…

Which means that you…


Gain a national provider network with over 1200 imaging centers in 45 states and the ability to quickly build new networks as needed.

Have instant coverage for radiology services in most major markets and can cover just about any member service area in a very short time.


Have access to full-scale radiology network development services.

Give up the headaches associated with building, recruiting, maintaining and marketing your own network of radiology facilities.


Can have custom networks built to your specifications or needs.

Obtain a network that meets your individual organizational needs and provides modalities that meet market demand for your specific service areas.


Choose the pricing and service models that works best for your organization.

Can determine your level of risk sharing and can better forecast your medical expenditures.


Have access to a full range of diagnostic imaging modalities.

Can ensure your members have access to the most appropriate diagnostic procedure.


Gain access to claims screening administrative services, highly experienced in managing radiology claims.

Experience reduced costs as a result of prompt claims submission and accurate claims data; less paperwork since all claims are billed under the TNRN name.


Receive all claims from TNRN and process a single check to back to TNRN rather than hundreds of independent facilities.

Have less paperwork and significantly reduced administrative costs.


Gain a network of providers whose physicians and technologists meet TNRN’s stringent guidelines for licensing, certification, and board status.

High quality services for your members and reduced medical liability for your organization.


Leverage your contracting and provider relations staff.

Can dedicate these important resources to other areas of your company.


Gain access to sophisticated utilization information and management systems.

Can use this data to better understand and manage your radiology costs and expenditures.