The National Radiology Network is a national network of diagnostic imaging centers across the country.  Becoming part of the network gives you access to a single point of contact for contracting with a multitude of payer organizations.  It also gives you increased access to referring physician offices in your market.

TNRN creates its networks by seeking and credentialing highly qualified radiology service providers and then markets these networked imaging facilities to national leaders in the managed care arena, covering millions of lives across the country.  As a part of the network, you have the opportunity to contract with many different national and regional managed care (HMO and PPO), workers’ compensation and PIP organizations. 

For its payer customers, TNRN functions as a network builder, network extender, network manager and claims administrator.  Our size, quality and focus on radiology gives us the strength to secure the best possible contract rates.   Centralized claims processing streamlines the administration process.  TNRN also has the ability to process claims electronically so that you can submit a higher volume of claims in this inexpensive manner, rather than higher cost paper claims.

Becoming a network provider is a simple process that can be completed in a very short time frame.  Becoming a participating provider with a payer through TNRN can be accomplished almost immediately. 

Contact TNRN at 800.665.0882