What do you gain by becoming part of the TNRN network?

When you become a part of the TNRN provider network, you…

Which means that you…


Have access to multiple managed-care organizations through one contract.

Expend less effort on sales, marketing and contract management.


Work under a “messenger model” contract.

Can choose the payers with whom you choose to participate.


Gain access to a larger physician referral base as an “in-network” provider.

Increase your business by servicing a greater number of patients referred by these practices.


Can choose to submit either electronic or paper claims

Experience reduced costs as you increase your volume of electronic claims vs. higher cost paper claims.


Have a dedicated collections department working on your behalf.

Give up the headache of the claims appeal process for claims that are paid incorrectly or inappropriately denied.



Give up the hassle of the claims collection process for claims that are not paid on time.


Receive prompt payment of claims directly from TNRN or the payer.

Keep more money in your business instead of on the table.


Can request a billing inservice at any time.

Submit more accurate claims which are paid quickly and correctly.