When you see patients as a TNRN network provider, you submit one claim to TNRN (rather than multiple payers), receive prompt payment of claims directly from TNRN, and don’t need to worry about the administrative work in between. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your facility may receive patient referrals either directly from TNRN or from normal channels based on your participation in the TNRN network.
  2. Depending on the specific payor guidelines, you may submit claims directly to TNRN or directly to the TNRN payer customer.
  3. Based on the structure of the specific TNRN payor agreement, you will receive your payments from TNRN or the payor.
  4. The flow of claims and payment will be clearly communicated for each payer contract accepted by your facility.
  5. Note that you may accept or reject any specific TNRN payer contract exhibit based on your facility’s business needs. You are not obligated to accept all payer contracts.