The National Radiology Network (TNRN) is a nationwide system of radiology providers that offers a full-range of diagnostic imaging and related administrative services. Our job is simple:  to deliver value to all our customers by helping them manage costs while providing high-quality radiology services.   For payers, we provide a turnkey radiology network that can be customized to meet individual organizational needs and the demand of the markets in which they provide service.  For providers, we offer all of the benefits associated with group contracting, including access to managed care plans across the nation.  For patients, we provide access to experienced, reliable imaging centers that must meet stringent guidelines for participation in our networks.  For all, we ensure prompt and accurate claims processing and an unparalleled customer service experience. 

At TNRN, we know we are not your only choice for radiology network management. But our goal is to provide the pinnacle level of service to our customers and facilities.