As a TNRN payer customer, your members who choose a TNRN provider for radiology services benefit by receiving care from a highly qualified radiology facility.  You benefit from a reduced administrative workload and lower prices. You, or the appropriate claims processor, will receive all claims under the TNRN name and can process a consolidated check back to TNRN.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Physician orders radiology study for your member.
  2. Member chooses a TNRN provider from your directory and schedules a convenient appointment.
  3. TNRN provider contacts you as necessary to verify eligibility, verify benefits and obtain pre-authorization.
  4. Member undergoes radiology study.
  5. TNRN provider communicates results of study back to ordering physician.
  6. TNRN provider submits claim to TNRN.
  7. TNRN reviews claims for accuracy and pricing, then process claims (electronic/paper) to you within your defined filing limit.
  8. The appropriate claims processing site communicates directly with TNRN if there are questions about claims.
  9. The claims processor can submit one check back to TNRN for all claims.